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RMC’s and Freeholders

At HLM we know that the leasehold sector can be confusing and we aim to help residents receive the service they deserve and empower residents to have full control over their home and investment.

We offer a free consultation to review your property and your services charges and give advice based on your lease and the services required. Our trained staff can assist you through the entire process to gain control of your Service Charge and development.

New Homes

We offer an unparalleled service for new home developments, both block or estate management. We are the preferred managing agent for a number of national and local builders.

We are able to quote from plan and assist in the set up and creation of the management companies. Our vast knowledge can be invaluable to developers to assist and allow for a smooth handover of the development to the residents.

At HLM we understand that as a developer you have spent a long time building up expectations of standards and we aim to uphold these through professional maintenance of the properties and estates.

HLM can ensure that long term capital expenditure forecasts are carried out to make sure that a developer and resident can be confident that their investment will be maintained to the highest standard for years to come.

At HLM we offer free training sessions for developer’s sales staff to assist them understand the specifics of leasehold and estate management, which enables the sales team to give informed advice to their customers.

RTM (Right to Manage)

The right to manage was introduced to empower Leaseholders and to take responsibility for the management of their property. The RTM legislation is open to all leasehold flats.

The process is relatively straight forward, although it is easy to be caught out with some of the finer details when following the process. It is important therefore that you have an expert to guide you throughout the procedure before moving forward with the notices of claim.

HLM are experienced in setting up companies and the notices required to be served on the landlord and lessees in order to qualify for an RTM. There is no requirement to prove mismanagement by the landlord - the right to control your block is yours and HLM can help you take control.

The right to manage is exercised by the serving of a formal notice on the landlord.  After a set period of time management of the block transfers to the RTM company which the leaseholders will be member of.

Once you have control of your block you are then able to appoint an agent of your choosing and control all aspects of management and expenditure.

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